Becoming a Mass-Care Hub

No Hub in your area? You can start one! 

What is a Hub?

A Hub is a local organizing group affiliated with Mass-Care's statewide campaign to win Medicare for All. It's the basic unit of grassroots, neighbor-to-neighbor outreach about Medicare for All.

Our goal is to have at least one Hub in each State Rep district in Mass., carrying out effective organizing work.

A Hub can be:

  • a group specifically created to advocate for single-payer healthcare (e.g., South Shore M4A) OR
  • a multi-issue organization that commits to supporting single-payer organizing work in a particular town or area (e.g., River Valley DSA)

A Hub’s primary goal is to build support within their district for Medicare for All, and mobilize on behalf of single-payer legislation. A Hub takes primary responsibility for their State Rep, and works in collaboration with neighboring Hubs in lobbying their State Senator and Members of Congress.

Building Hubs in every district is the pathway to a strong grassroots movement across the state that will enable us to win Medicare for All in the State House, and to move the Mass. delegation in Congress.

How to Form a Hub

Hubs agree to carry out the responsibilities described below and to work in a collaborative way with our Grassroots Organizing (GO!) Team.

  1. To be listed as a Hub, an organization (or group of activists) will first organize an action for Medicare for All. A canvass, a phonebank, or delegation to your legislators are some ideas; if your group needs further education on M4A, an educational event might be appropriate. 
  2. A Hub should have an on-boarding process to plug new activists into organizing work, designating a primary contact person(s) for new people in your district who want to get involved. Mass-Care will list contact info for every Hub in the state on its website. An “on-boarding process” can be as simple as a monthly meeting that new folks can attend, or it could be someone designated to have 1-on-1 meetings with new volunteers, to help them get involved.
  3. Finally, each Hub should work with Mass-Care to develop a strategic plan to move their legislators. For legislators not on board with single-payer legislation, this means trying to win them over as co-sponsors; for legislators who are already co-sponsors, it means trying to move them into leadership roles such as joining the Medicare for All Caucus, co-hosting events in the district, and convincing other legislators, especially those on the Health Care Finance Committee and in Legislative leadership.

Resources to start your own Hub: 

Here's our guide to starting your own Mass-Care Hub!

View our PowerPoint presentation on Hub organizing from 2019 Boston Medicare for All Organizing Meeting