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In executing our strategy of building a strong grassroots movement across the state, Mass-Care is building a network of local single-payer advocacy groups called Hubs across the Commonwealth. These Hubs organize supporters for Medicare for All within its district through neighbor-to-neighbor outreach and public education. As they grow in people and power, they are more effective at mobilizing on behalf of single-payer legislation and lobbying. Our goal is to have an active single payer Hub in every State Representative district in the Commonwealth. Hubs become part of the Mass-Care Coalition.

Mass-Care’s experienced organizers support these Hubs with a toolbox of resources, organizing ideas, and opportunities to talk with single payer advocates across the state.

Western Mass

Western Mass. Medicare for All Regional Network



Franklin County: Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution, Single Payer Task Force

Contact Judy Atkins:


Hilltowns: Hilltown Medicare for All Advocacy Group

Contact Peter Siersma:


Holyoke: Medicare for All Committee of River Valley Democratic Socialists of America

Contact Chris Martin:

Northampton: Medicare for All Committee of Indivisible Northampton

Contact Nancy Talanian:


Contact Jon Weissman:


Eastern Mass

Acton/Concord: Three Rivers Progressive Mass

Contact: Kimberley Connors,


Blue Hills: Our Revolution Blue Hills

Contact Chris Spears


Contact Stephanie at

Jamaica Plain Progressives Contact Bruce Fleischer:

Cape Cod: Cape Cod Coalition for Universal Healthcare

Contact Bonnie Shepard:

Malden: Our Revolution Malden

Contact Mats Holmqvist:

South Shore: South Shore Medicare For All

Contact Heather Clark:

New hubs are forming now!

If you would like to get involved with this important campaign, we’d like to hear from you.  Contact us for more information: