Volunteers carry out our most effective programs - from organizing campaign sign-ups to press work to spreadsheets. These volunteer teams will help the Medicare for All movement grow to the size and impact we'll need to take on the health insurance industry and win.

There are many roles to fill; some are smaller commitments and some are fairly significant. Some are time-constrained to just a few weeks or months, while others are ongoing. Email director@masscare.org if you have questions about any of the roles below.

Lead Organizer

Our #1 need right now is Lead Organizers. 

This is incredibly important, yet often unglamorous work - spreadsheets; emails; zoom or phone calls; etc. But our capacity to organize our communities is highly constrained at the moment by having only one part-time staff member who is struggling to keep up with all the important campaigns we're running! 

You can take responsibility for managing one of our campaigns and help us do more constituent visits, reach more community organizations and unions, and move our movement forward!

This role will likely be between 5-10 hours per week for the duration of the campaign.  


  • State House Non-Cosponsor Campaign: NOW until end of March (likely 10 hours)
  • Congressional Rep Campaign: NOW until end of March (closer to 5 hours)
  • Ballot Campaign: NOW until end of May (5-10 hours, unsure) 
Priority District Organizing
Press & Media
Project Management
Onboarding New Activists
Social Media/Comms
Event Planning
Public Education