Guardians of the CommonHealth

Guardians of the CommonHealth are monthly donors who power the campaign for single-payer health care — day in and day out. Make an ongoing commitment to the fight for equitable and just healthcare for all by joining the dozens of members providing regular monthly support to Mass-Care.

(Gold) Guardians of the CommonHealth

Why is monthly giving the best way to give?

Monthly giving is easy, convenient, and affordable for you. 

And it ensures more of your money goes toward our mission. If all of our donors committed to monthly giving, we could drastically reduce the amount of time we spend on fundraising. Steady donations allow us to budget over the year and plan for the future.

How do I join?

It's easy—we do our online program through Zeffy, a fee-free payment processor. Sign up below, and your giving to Mass-Care goes on autopilot. You’ll receive a record each month on your credit card statement, plus an annual receipt. Your membership is always current. 

What if I need to change or cancel my monthly gift?

Guardians of the CommonHealth is designed to give you full control over your giving. To update your monthly donation amount, change your credit card, or cancel your monthly gift at any time, simply login to your Zeffy account. We can also do this for you over the phone. 

Questions? Need help? Contact Stephanie at or (617) 297-8011.