The Convention, Your Stories and a Wonderful Play!!

Dear Mass-Care Supporter!
We have three quick things going on and want to see you.
1st. The Democratic State Convention is THIS Saturday the 13th in Lowell and we will be sharing a table. Please come join us help educate more people about the great work we are doing. This year “Single Payer” is on the platform! If you can volunteer or just want to stop by, please contact us at More information about the Convention can be found at:
2nd. We want your stories! In honor of Medicare’s birthday in July, Mass-Care needs your help in celebrating the tremendous benefits Medicare has provided by guaranteeing healthcare coverage to all seniors. You can help celebrate by spreading the word that IMPROVED MEDICARE FOR ALL is the only way to guarantee health care as a right for EVERYONE!
Write a Letter to the Editor or an Op-Ed in your local newspaper before July 30th. Feel free to use any of the talking points below or use your own stories that make very powerful statements.

Improved Medicare for All will:
a. simplify the health care system by having only one insurer
b. guarantee health care for everyone from birth to death
c. lower the cost of healthcare by eliminating the waste created by the insurance industry
d. lowering the price of prescription drugs by bulk purchasing
e. help businesses because they will no longer need to provide health insurance for their employees
f. help workers because they will no longer have to bargain with employers about healthcare coverage
g. base medical care on medical need, not ability to pay
h. provide affordable health care for all families and individuals with no premiums, no deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance
i. be publicly funded through the tax system on an equitable basis
j. make our health care system a patient-centered system

ALSO Send Mass-Care ( your story about the problems you or your family have had getting the health care you need and we’ll post it on our Website. Your stories are important and provide compelling reasons to support Improved Medicare for All. The stories can be anonymous.

3rd. Last but not least, we want to let you know about a wonderful play going on this month! Celebrate the birthday of Medicare!
“Mercy Killers” – a one hour, one man play about the crisis of our health care system, followed by a panel discussion.
Tuesday, July 23, at 7:00 pm, Chester Theatre Company, Chester, MA, Town Hall
For more info and to purchase tickets to benefit Mass-Care: Jackie (413) 549-2958
For tickets and more information: Scroll down to 7/23/2013 Mercy Killers

Thank you all!
Healthcare is a right,
Ture Richard Turnbull
Executive Director

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