Patricia Downs Berger is a retired internist, wife of surgeon Dr. Robert Berger, and mother of two daughters Ilana and Shana Berger. She graduated from Colby College in Maine in 1962 and Cornell University School of Medicine in New York City in 1966. She has lived in the Boston area since coming to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in 1968 as a second year medical resident. Using her maiden name in her professional life, Dr. Downs took her first job in l970 as Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Harvard St. Neighborhood Health Center, (HSNHC), in Dorchester, MA. The HSNHC was affiliated with Boston City Hospital where her patients were regularly hospitalized and where she participated in the teaching programs at BU, Harvard, and Tufts. She worked at the HSNHC for 14 years and enjoyed immensely caring for the patients in the predominately African-American community including a significant number from the Caribbean and Haiti. In 1984 Dr. Downs joined the Harvard Community Health Plan, one of the first staff model HMOs. Unfortunately, the culture and the support systems at HCHP did not resonate with her patient-centered style of practice and she left after two years. She took a temporary job at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center in their Home Care program, and in 1987 joined Dr. Michael Rees in his private practice in Brookline. This was a very busy practice but was stimulating and fulfilling. As part of the practice she became the school doctor for the Mass College of Art and would see their students one afternoon a week. In 1996, having been a doctor for 30 years, Dr. Downs decided she wanted to spend more time on other parts of her life. She left Rees Medical but kept her job at Mass Art for six more years until she fully retired in 2002. Since retiring she has competed in national adult figure skating championships, has enjoyed learning to paint and work on sculpture, and she has treasured time with her granddaughter and her family. Dr. Downs has continued her medical interest by working to achieve a Single Payer health care system that guarantees affordable quality health care coverage for all Americans. She is Co-Chair of Mass-Care, is active with Physicians for a National Health Plan, and has been a forceful advocate for Single Payer reform at the Massachusetts Medical Society.