Wednesday, June 29th 2016
CONTACT:  Ture Turnbull, Mass-Care;, (617) 602-7868

Mass-Care Endorses Jack Patrick Lewis for State Representative

Boston, MA – Today Mass-Care, the Commonwealth’s largest advocacy group devoted to single payer health care reform, announced its endorsement of Jack Patrick Lewis for State Representative for the towns of Framingham and Ashland, 7th Middlesex. “Health care costs have continued to rise and now with the former lead-sponsor of our “Medicare for All” legislation, Rep. Sannicandro moving on from this seat, we need to ensure that a strong progressive continues to represent this important community,” said Ture Turnbull, Executive Director of Mass-Care.

Jack Patrick Lewis said, “In the legislature, I will be a major proponent of achieving true Universal Health care through a single payer system. For me, this issue is a personal one. As a child in DCF foster care, my son relied on MassHealth services for his healthcare. I am so grateful that he was given quality health services and had access to the care that he needed. While current Massachusetts’ law has helped many, it does not go far enough to protect residents from increased costs and reduction in access.  A single payer system is the only way to control costs, protect access and ensure that we protect our Commonwealth’s residents’ right to quality health care.”

“I will actively support Medicare For All / Single Payer legislation. I am honored to have the endorsement of Mass-Care and look forward to working together to make our Commonwealth a healthier, more just place to live,” Jack Patrick Lewis concluded.

In his grassroots campaign, Lewis has taken his progressive message to the streets; connecting his commitment to his community with his understanding of the need for independent leadership in the State House.

Mass-Care supports establishing a single payer health care system in Massachusetts as the most effective way to control costs. In a fast moving election cycle, it is very important to become involved now!

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