Thursday, Aug. 18th 2016
CONTACT:  Ture Turnbull, Mass-Care;, (617) 602-7868

Mass-Care Endorses Eric Lesser for State Senate

Boston, MA – Today Mass-Care, the Commonwealth’s largest advocacy group devoted to single payer health care reform, announced its endorsement of Eric Lesser for State Senate for the First Hampden and Hampshire. “Senator Lesser has time and time again proven that he is an independent thinker with progressive values in his heart,” said Ture Turnbull, Executive Director of Mass-Care. “As a co-sponsor of the “Improved Medicare for All” legislation, Senator Lesser has and will continue to fight for affordable, quality healthcare for all.”

“Having served on President Obama’s team during the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the goal of Universal Health Care is one that I take very seriously. I am honored to represent Mass Care in the Senate to advocate and fight for single payer healthcare across the commonwealth. It is the only way to ensure quality healthcare for all of our citizens regardless of their income,” Senator Lesser said.

Mass-Care supports establishing a single payer health care system in Massachusetts as the most effective way to control costs. In a fast moving election cycle, it is very important to become involved now!

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