State Senate to Vote on Single Payer Amendment!

On Tuesday, May 15, the Massachusetts Senate is scheduled to vote on a single payer amendment introduced by Senator Jamie Eldridge. To find out who your Senator is, enter your address here and scroll down to your ‘Senate in General Court.’ This is a fast-moving bill, so your call can really make a difference!

Here’s what the amendment does: it instructs the state to estimate, every year, what the state of Massachusetts would be saving under a single payer plan that would guarantee publicly-provided, comprehensive care for all residents in the state. If by mid-2014, or any year thereafter, we find that we would be better off under single payer, the state will have to develop a single payer implementation plan and start putting it into practice – much like Vermont is currently doing.

Click here to download the one-page Eldridge amendment, and click here for a short summary. If you are interested in a summary of the whole Senate bill, you can click here.