Single Payer bills are submitted!

Sen. Jamie Eldridge, an Acton Democrat, testified before the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing in favor of two bills he has filed this session to implement a universal Medicare plan in Massachusetts (S 515), or to take the more incremental step of creating a public health insurance option (S 514) to give consumers a taste.

“As much as we’ve made great advances here in Massachusetts and covered nearly all people, there are still some deep flaws in our health care system,” Eldridge said. “A single-payer model is a more efficient system, better health care options and something employers prefer because they no longer have to provide health care.”

Asked if he thought either proposal had a chance of winning approval, Eldridge said, “No. I don’t. I think what’s happening now is single-payer advocates are engaging the business community.”

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2 thoughts on “Single Payer bills are submitted!

  1. After 15 years managing a primary care office, I can testify from experience that having 15 different insurance companies, each with several different plans, often several websiteseach, and different rules about coverage, which changed frequently, that the administrative cost of our current system is insanely inflated. Scarce dollars need to be spent on care, not administrative hassles. Medicare is much simpler to deal with; it used to pay less, but COSTS less to deal with. Now other insurers pay less than before. There is no reason to maintain the current system, and the Baby Boomers are going to bring it crashing down in any case. Before it gets any worse, let’s grant ALL Americans the choice to join Medicare. More med students might choose primary care if we do!

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