Host a ‘Sicko’ House Party!

Host a ‘Sicko’ House Party!

On June 29, Michael Moore’s new film ‘Sicko’about the American Health Care System will be opening in theaters across the state. Moore’s film compares the disfunctional U.S. health care system, and those who lose their well-being and sometimes their lives to it, with single-payer systems in other countries. This will be the most important organizing opportunity for the single-payer movement in years, and millions of Americans will walk out of that theater with a new education about how our health care works, but doesn’t work for us.

You can play an important role in helping viewers of Sicko get involved with the movement for comprehensive form, the movement to make health care access a right and not a commodity. Here’s how: hold your own Sicko House Party on June 29 or any time in the following month! Get together a group of people to meet together before hand, walk to the theater, and then leaflet outside afterwards so that everyone else who watched the movie can plug in to the movement. Host a gathering at your home after the movie to talk about what it meant to you, and what we can do from here. Hand around a hat to raise funds for the state-wide movement in Massachusetts.

No effort is too small to have an impact, even if it’s only yourself and a couple of friends. Everything you need to host your own Sicko House Party is right here. Below is a check list of things to do to pull off a successful house party event. Below you can download a formatted version of the checklist, a leaflet to hand out after the movie, and a petition to plug people into the health reform movement so their voices can be heard. Let us know if you’re having a house party, so we can let people in your area know!

Host a ‘Sicko’ House Party in Eight Steps

Step 1: Find out which local theaters are showing Sicko by going to and entering your zip code. Choose a showing time where there will likely be a packed house.

Step 2: Pick a time about an hour or two before the showing starts, and invite your friends and neighbors over to walk as a group to the theater, and for a house party after the movie! If the showing is likely to sell out, consider purchasing tickets early online or showing up at the theater early.

Step 3: Depending on the size of the movie theater, print out 100 to 200 copies of the Sicko Flyer from and the Sicko Single Payer Petition for Massachusetts.

Step 4: Make sure there are adequate drinks and snacks at home for a House Party after the movie is over.

Step 5: Walk to the theater together and get seats close to the exit so you can be the first ones out. Enjoy the movie!

Step 6: After you get out of the theater, politely approach others who are walking out to ask if they would like to sign a petition asking their state Senator and Representative to support legislation for universal, single payer health reform. This reform would make health care a right, like it is in most other developed countries. Hand them the Sicko Cure Flyer explaining how single payer reform would work, as it does in Canada and Britain. If they do not know the name of their Senator or Representative, they can leave this field blank and we will fill it in for them. (If you are comfortable having fellow movie-goers in your home, you can even invite people who sign to the Sicko House Party afterwards!)

Step 7: When everyone has left the theater, the party can meet back at your house for food, drinks, and a discussion of the movie.

Step 8: Pass a hat around for those interested in making a financial contribution to support the movement for single-payer health reform. Donations can be made out to Mass-Care to support our political work, or tax-deductible donations can be made out to the Universal Health Care Education Fund to support our educational work. All checks and cash donations can be sent to 33 Harrison Ave – 5th floor, Boston, MA 02111, or we would be happy to collect them in person and talk about how your house party went!