Mass-Care’s 12th Annual Single Payer Gala: In Memory of Ben Gill

TIME: Saturday, April 17, 2010 from 2PM to 5PM
PLACE: Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139
TICKETS: $35 standard admission, $10 for students – please donate what you can!

Join Mass-Care and the Universal Health Care Education Fund on April 17 for:

  • Keynote speaker Donna Smith! Donna was featured in Michael Moore’s film ‘SiCKO’ after she and her husband were forced to sell their home and move in with their daughter due to medical debt – they were insured at the time. Since then, Donna has become one of the nation’s leading organizers for single-payer health reform and works for the California Nurses Association, leading their efforts to pass Medicare-for-All legislation in Congress out of their Washington, D.C. offices.
  • Honoring the work of Arky Markham, a stellar single-payer activist from the Franklin Hampshire region, as well as Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, one of Mass-Care’s most important allies on health care advocacy.
  • The Joseph Lillyman Jazz Band.

Our annual fundraising gala for Mass-Care and the Universal Health Care Education Fund is coming up on April 17, from 2 to 5PM at the Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge! It has been a frustrating year in health care reform, with efforts to advance even moderate reform faltering on the national stage. However, Mass-Care and UHCEF have been effective in educating and pressuring the Massachusetts Congressional delegation to fight for truly fundamental reform, and we are turning to the next round of state-level reform for better opportunities to win single payer legislation, which can set an example for the nation.

Mass-Care and UHCEF recently helped to launch the Massachusetts Campaign for Health Care Justice, which will be a pro-active campaign to rejuvenate the single payer movement in the state and build a solidarity network between communities struggling under the current health care system. We need to continue advocating for our communities when health reform is initiated from above, but we can’t afford to be reactive in our politics, and need to build movements shaping the next round of health reform from the grassroots.

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