Mass-Care Endorses Don Berwick for Governor

Boston, MA – Today, Mass-Care announced its endorsement of Dr. Don Berwick for governor. “Rising health care costs are crippling the economy in Massachusetts, hurting families, and hindering clinicians,” said Ture Turnbull, Executive Director.  “Dr. Berwick understands this, and I’m pleased to announce Mass-Care’s endorsement of his candidacy.”

Berwick said that it was time to “explore seriously the possibility of a single payer system in Massachusetts. The complexity of our health care payment system adds costs, uncertainties, and hassles for everyone – patients, families, doctors, and employers.” He added that he would work with the legislature “to assemble a multi-stakeholder single payer advisory panel to investigate and report back within one year on whether and how Massachusetts should consider a single payer option.”

In his campaign, Berwick has consistently emphasized the need to address ballooning health care costs through coordinated care and prevention.  He says the existing fees-for-services system is inherently flawed.

“The current health care payment system pays most hospitals and doctors for volume rather than for results.  And it is not sufficiently focused on the upstream prevention of disease,” Berwick said.  “Those high costs come right out of the wages of workers – in taxes, deductions, and out-of-pocket payments – and rob both government and families of opportunities to use their hard earned income for other important purposes.”

Mass-Care supports establishing a single payer health care system in Massachusetts as the most effective way to control costs. In a fast moving election cycle, it is very important to become involved as soon as possible to support Dr. Berwick through the democratic process. As the Democratic State Convention is fast approaching on June 13 and 14, the time to act and become involved with your local caucus is now!

2 thoughts on “Mass-Care Endorses Don Berwick for Governor

  1. Born and bred in Milton, Mass. I have been living in California for the past 30 years working to pass Single Payer legislation here( I never was fond of humidity!). Congrats to Don Berwick stepping forward to support SP, the ONLY solution to the healthcare crisis. While the ACA does offer some benefits to some people in the meantime, the health insurance and Pharma folks are still denying cost effective coverage to the American people. The ACA won’t cover 3-5 million in my state. There will still be deaths and bankruptcies due to either limited or no access to care.
    Mass Care, keep up the good work and pressure!
    Lynn Huidekoper, RN, Santa Clara County Single Payer Healthcare Coalition

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