Mass-Care at the Democratic Convention

Join Mass-Care at the Democratic Convention this Saturday at the DCU Center in Worcester!

We will start handing out our Newsletter at 7am

Dear Single Payer Supporter,

This Saturday Mass-Care along with many delegates are going to the DCU center in Worcester for the State’s Democratic Convention. Help spread the word about Single-Payer. Please come join us! 

We will be meeting just passed the registration table as you come in the main front doors. We will be sharing a table with PDA.

We will start handing out our new, wonderful news-letter at 7:00am! Here is an electronic copy of the news-letter: 

It would be great if we could give each delegate a copy of our news-letter (all 7,000+ of them).

Please let me know if you can join us, even for an hour. My cell phone number is 617-602-7868.

If you know of any other delegates that would like to give us a hand, please forward them this email and my contact information.

This should be a very exciting convention because this year we have endorsed a strong single payer supporter, Dr. Don Berwick!

Here is a schedule of the day (note a delegate has to check in with their section before 10am, then has to be back in their section for voting, if you miss your name for check-in you will not be able to vote)

Saturday, June 14

  • You must register at the registration area!
  • Saturday Morning Breakfasts on the 3rd floor of the DCU Center-get there early if you are depending on this for a real meal.  Markey’s breakfast will have the most food and is taking place in the Jr. Ballroom.
  • There will be escalators to the left of the main registration area that will lead you to the breakfast!
  • 7:00AM to 9:00AM – Walk-in Music
  • 8:50AM to 9:10AM Gavel Downs
  • 9:10AM to 9:25AM – Invocation pledge colors and national anthem
  • 9:25AM to 9:40AM – City Welcome
  • 9:40AM to 9:50AM – Presentation of Scholarships
  • 9:50AM to 10:00AM – Rules for Roll Call and Switching
  • 10:00AM to 10:30AM – Quorum Call
  • 10:30AM to 11:10AM – Treasurer Candidates Speeches
    • Goldberg
    • Feingold
    • Conroy
  • 11:10AM to 11:30AM – AG Candidates Speeches
    • Healey
    • Tolman
  • 11:30AM to 12:20AM – LG Candidates Speeches
    • Cheung
    • Lake
    • Arena-DeRosa
    • Kerrigan
  • 12:20AM to 1:15PM – Governor’s Candidates Speeches
    • Kayyem
    • Berwick
    • Coakley
    • Grossman
    • Avellone
  • 1:15PM to 2:45PM – Ballot #1 Voting!
    • Ballot #2 for party endorsements will take place following Ballot 1

There will have a 2nd Ballot for the top two candidates in an office where there are more than two-Treasurer, LG, and Governor.  On the 2nd Ballot is one of the candidates receives 50% plus 1% of votes cast then that candidate receives the MA Democratic Parties endorsement.

Mass-Care needs your support now and for a busy year ahead. With the upcoming elections becoming visible in the near future, politicians are looking to get elected or remain in office. Mass-Care will be working to promote and support politicians looking to reform the current healthcare landscape and move towards a single payer system.

Thank you for your continuing support! We hope to see you on June 14th at the Convention!

Ture Richard Turnbull
Executive Director, Mass-Care

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