Massachusetts Single Payer Bill Fact Sheet

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What The Medicare for All Bill Does:
This legislation guarantees every Massachusetts resident first class health care coverage and reduces costs to the state, employers, and households. It creates a comprehensive, public plan like improved Medicare for all, saving $17 billion by eliminating for-profit middle men and administrative waste caused by private insurance companies.

Why is Medicare for All Needed?
Massachusetts cannot afford to extend good health coverage to all residents under the current health insurance system, and rising health care costs are destroying state, municipal, business, and household budgets. No country or community in the world has been able to control health care costs or guarantee universal health care coverage without a system like Medicare for All.

… will receive a health insurance card that could be presented to any doctor or hospital for a full range of benefits. Patients would pay nothing out of pocket, and would receive no medical bills.

… will pay a stable payroll tax of 7.5% to 8% instead of rising premiums. This would lead to large savings for employers currently covering their workers, and level the playing field between businesses.

… like businesses would pay a stable payroll tax     instead of rising premiums. This will end the cycle of  cities and towns slashing programs because of health costs rising faster than    limited tax revenue.

… of middle- and low-income earners would take home 2% to 14% more income after lifting the burden of health care costs from their pay. Medical bankruptcies – 2/3rds of all bankruptcies – would be eliminated.