Single Payer Legislation

This legislative session we have a total of 64 senators and representatives co-sponsoring our 4 single payer bills.


Preview Our Four Bills 2017-18

    An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts

    Bill Numbers:
    House 2987
    Senate 619

    This bill would create a single-payer health insurance plan for all Massachusetts residents. The plan calls for public financing to provide privately delivered health care to all Massachusetts residents, including those currently enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. The proposal would pool state and federal outlays for current public programs, additional revenue from a health payroll tax (7.5% on employers with 2.5% employee contribution) and a small tax on dividends/interest (to make the funding progressive). For the self-employed and small business owners, the first $30,000 of revenue would not be taxed. No social security or pension benefits would be taxed. The plan would cover 100 percent of health care costs for residents eliminating premiums, co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles.

    An Act to Ensure Effective Health Care Cost Control:

    Bill Numbers:
    House 596
    Senate 610

    This bill calls upon the Legislature to set up a commission to compare the actual health care costs in Massachusetts, for three years, against a model of health care costs using a single payer plan (as proposed in the bill, above). Furthermore, if the single payer plan is shown to be a better approach- providing high quality care with access to all AND SAVINGS – the Legislature would be required to start the process to enact legislation for a single payer plan.

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    Don’t know your legislators?
    To look up your elected officials contact information, please go here and type in your voting address:

    What if your legislators are not co-sponsors?
    Either phone or e-mail your Rep. and Senator and simply say who you are and that you would like them to co-sponsor our legislative priorities.

    Please help convince our elected officials understand how important these bills are and know that their passage will keep the Commonwealth leading the nation in what is a true human right, healthcare for all!

    If you have any questions, please contact one the following:
    Cat Bunker, Office of Rep. Jen Benson at
    Michael Carr, office of Senator Eldridge at
    Ture Turnbull, Executive Director of Mass-Care at 617-602-7868 cell or at

    Single Payer has momentum!
    Please join our effort to spread the word and give as generously as possible.  We appreciate everything you do and look forward to a very exciting year together!


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