Is your legislator a co-sponsor?

We had 42 co-sponsors last session, I know that this session we can do better! In two easy steps you can have your voice heard!

Step 1:
To look up your elected officials contact information, please go here and type in your voting address:

Step 2:
Either phone or e-mail your Rep. and Senator and simply say who you are and that you would like them to co-sponsor our legislative priorities:

The first, “An Act to Ensure Effective Health Care Cost Control” (House Docket: 1107; Representative Jen Benson , Senate Docket: 44; Senator Wolf) would require the state every year to compare our total health care spending with our projected health care spending if the Commonwealth implemented a single payer health care system; if after several years the “Single Payer Benchmark” outperformed our actual health care spending, the state would be responsible for developing a single payer implementation plan and submitting it to the Legislature.

The second, An Act establishing Medicare for all in Massachusetts” (House Docket. 1151; Representative Tom Sannicandro, Senate Docket. 996; Senator Eldridge) would immediately begin implementation of a single payer health care system for Massachusetts.

The third, For legislation to establish a public health option” (Senate Docket 473; Senator Jason Lewis) and For legislation to create a public health insurance agency to compete with private insurers” (House Docket 1746; Representative John Scibak) would allow the Commonwealth to establish a “public option” that would allow the state to compete directly with private health insurers.

If you have any questions, please contact: Cat Bunker, Office of Rep. Jen Benson, or at or Michael Carr, office of Senator Eldridge at or Ture Turnbull, Executive Director of Mass-Care at 617-602-7868 cell, or at

Please help convince our elected officials understand how important these bills are and know that their passage will keep the Commonwealth leading the nation in what is a true human right, healthcare for all!

Single Payer has momentum!  Please join our effort to spread the word and give as generously as possible.  We appreciate everything you do and look forward to a very exciting year together!

2 thoughts on “Is your legislator a co-sponsor?

  1. How many co-sponsors in the House and Senate have signed on so far? Can these numbers be posted on the facebook page?

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