How to contact your elected officals


Call your US Congressmen:


The federal bill for Medicare for all is H.R. 676

Look up who your US Congressmen and US Senator here:



Call your State Representative:


Call your State Senator:


The state bill for Medicare for all is: Senate Bill #515 and House Bill #1035

Look up who your State Rep. and Senator are here:



1. 272,000 Massachusetts residents lacked health insurance in 2012, 4.1% of the population. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

2. About 300 adults die from lack of health insurance coverage annually in the state. (Annals of Internal Medicine  2014;160:585 & American Journal of Public Health 2009;99:2289).

3. At least 530,000 Massachusetts residents under age 65 are under-insured, meaning they have coverage, but still devote a large share of income to cover costs including copayments and deductibles. Many more lack adequate coverage for long-term care or mental health services. For 618,000 with private coverage, their premiums are so high that they’re unaffordable, according to federal guidelines. (Commonwealth Fund 2014)

4. Massachusetts’ per capita health costs are about 30% above the national average and continue to rise.  Between 2009 and 2011 private insurance premiums in Massachusetts increased 9.7% despite a 5.1% fall in benefit levels – effectively a 14.8% cost increase. (CMS Office of the Actuary & Mass. Center for Health Info. and Analysis)

5. Federal, state and local governments already pay about 64% of all health costs in Massachusetts, which totals about $8,500 per resident in 2014.  This figure includes health benefits for public employees and tax subsidies for private insurance, as well as government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. That’s more than total (public + private) health spending in any other nation. (Health Affairs, 2002;21(4):88 – updated by the authors)

One thought on “How to contact your elected officals

  1. I am so pleased to speak up for health care single payer. I will contact all legislators and state senators on this issue. I have been coming across so many people that need care but can not get care. It is about time that thee government stay out of health care in this country.

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