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Our Health and Access to Care are at Risk with Trump, whether you have Medicaid, Medicare, the VA, or private insurance. Here in Massachusetts we have to lead the nation again and not only defend Medicare we have to expand it!

In 2012, President Obama proposed cuts to the program, but activists turned the conversation on its head. Mass mobilizations ensured that the proposed cuts were quietly dropped, and by June of this year – just four years later – Obama had embraced support for expanding Social Security, which had become the official position of the Democratic Party.

We will be filing legislation for the 2017-2018 Session and need to send a strong message to Governor Baker and President Trump that here in MA, we believe that healthcare is a human right. Medicare for ALL! Please donate so we have the resources we need.

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Donations to UHCEF are tax-deductible, but limited in the extent to which they can support grassroots and legislative work.


Mass-Care: The Campaign for Single Payer Health Care in Massachusetts, is a coalition of organizations and volunteer activists fighting for universal, public health care insurance in Massachusetts. Single-payer has proven in countries across the world to provide the most comprehensive coverage and the least costly delivery of health care to citizens and residents, guaranteeing individuals’ health as a human right. Health care reform in the United States has become a desperate plight, with rising costs, employers rolling back coverage of workers in both the union and non-union sectors, and the erosion of public funding for programs designed to offer care to some of the uninsured. However, the political process at both the national and state levels has proven incapable of making reforms that actually extend coverage or reduce costs. Mass-Care is committed to a grassroots organizing model that mobilizes communities to bring about real, comprehensive change that will extend health and dignity to all and bring the health care industry into check through a single-payer system.

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