CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSPERSON: Massachusetts Briefing to Congress on Health Reform

Coming up on Wednesday February 25, from 2PM – 4PM in Washington, DC Mass-Care is helping to host an important briefing to Congress on whether the Massachusetts health reform is an adequate model for the nation. The forum includes testimony from David Himmelstein, MD, Sandy Eaton, RN, State Senator Jamie Eldridge, Peter Knowlton, Mary Ford, Robert Gaw, and Arthur MacEwan, MD.

HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP! Ask your Congressperson and his or her health care aide to attend this important forum. Members of Congress can join the committee, chaired by Congressman Eric Massa from New York, which will ask questions of the witnesses. Below is an open invitation to the briefing, along with a letter to Members of Congress asking them to join the panel committee. Give your Congressperson’s D.C. office a call and ask them to learn more about what lessons state reform has to offer for the nation!

Announcement of the Forum:

Invite your Representative to Attend