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Health Care in Massachusetts: An Ailing Model?

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Is your legislator a co-sponsor?

We had 42 co-sponsors last session, I know that this session we can do better! In two easy steps you can have your voice heard! Step 1: To look up your elected officials contact information, please go here and type … Continue reading

Single Payer Dreams Can Come True

The Boston Globe article “Dream Meets Reality” Jan 25, 2014 presented a superficial and one-sided analysis of Vermont’s attempted implementation of a state-based Single Payer health care system. Missing was the impact of powerful political and corporate pressures against reform … Continue reading

King v. Burwell: The new Supreme Court case that could gut Obamacare, explained


Health Care Petition / Shared Prosperity Agenda


BHN reports: Push for single-payer lives on in Massachusetts


AMA Med Students Back State Laws to Achieve Universal Health Care


Unable to meet the deductible for the doctor


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