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Assembly Approves Universal Health Care: Passage of Bill Seen as Election-Year Test for Schwarzenegger

UHCEF Article of Interest ===================================================== Lynda Gledhill San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bureau Tuesday, August 29, 2006 (08-29) 04:00 PDT Sacramento — The Democratic-controlled Legislature is on the verge of sending Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger a bill that would create a state-run … Continue reading

Vermont Single-Payer Health Plan Outlined

UHCEF Article of Interest ===================================================== David Gram Associated Press August 29, 2006 MONTPELIER, Vt. –Vermont could offer health coverage to all its residents and spend $51 million less a year on health care under a single-payer system, according to a … Continue reading

U.S. Census Health Insurance Highlights

Health Insurance Coverage: 2005 For complete details on health insurance coverage data for 2005, click here. Highlights: The number of people with health insurance coverage increased from 245.9 million in 2004 to 247.3 million in 2005.1. In 2005, 46.6 million … Continue reading

U.S. Census Bureau: Percentage of Uninsured Climbs

U.S. Census Bureau News U.S. Department of Commerce – Washington, D.C. 20233 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2006, AT 10:10 A.M. EDT * * Public Information Office * 301-763-3030/457-3670 (fax) * 301- 457-1037 (TDD) Income Climbs, Poverty Stabilizes, Uninsured … Continue reading

Health Care Reform – The “Stakeholders” Table

Health Care Reform – The “Stakeholders” Table Patricia Downs Berger Full Sized Image


Senator Sheila Kuehl 08/28/06 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE KUEHL’S HEALTHCARE BILL, SB 840, PASSES CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLY On Monday, August 28th, Senate Bill 840, authored by State Senator Sheila Kuehl (D-23), passed out of the California State Assembly on a preliminary vote … Continue reading

Affordable Health Care

UHCEF Article of Interest ===================================================== Judy Deutsch Subbury Town Crier Newspaper (click here for link to article) Universal health care is not too expensive (as the headline over John Brodkin’s article suggested it might be in the Aug. 13, issue … Continue reading

Survey: Most Want Health Care Overhaul

UHCEF Article of Interest Click here for link to the original survey and report by Harris Interactive. ===================================================== Jennifer Warner Reviewed by Louise Chang, M.D. WebMD (click here for link to article) Half of middle- and lower-income Americans have serious … Continue reading

Romney aided conservative groups: His foundation gave $50,000 to two nonprofits

UHCEF Article of Interest Romney charities fund conservative Heritage Foundation to develop state’s health care policy. See below. ===================================================== Cristina Silva Boston Globe (click here for link to article) August 17, 2006 Governor Mitt Romney’s private foundation — which often … Continue reading

Don McCanne Quote of the Day: Affordability concerns are moving up the income ladder

The Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System August 2006 Public Views on Shaping the Future of the U.S. Health System By Cathy Schoen, Sabrina K. H. How, Ilana Weinbaum, John E. Craig, Jr., and Karen Davis Abstract: … Continue reading