Boston City Council Resolution Calling for a Single Payer System


Dear Single Payer Supporter:

The political revolution continues! On Wednesday, Aug. 24th at 12pm in the City Council chambers in City Hall, PLEASE JOIN US as the City Council will sign a resolution calling for the creation on a Medicare for All / Single Payer healthcare system for the Commonwealth!


This is a bold step and we thank the City Council for their leadership as we set the stage for the next legislative session for the Commonwealth. Please join us and make sure to VOTE for the state’s primary on THURSDAY, September 8th!

If you are unable to join us next Wednesday, please contact your City Councilor to ask them for their support of the resolution. Contact info HERE! 

In solidarity.

Ture Turnbull
Catherine DeLorey
Pat Berger
Jackie Wolf

Ture Richard Turnbull
Executive Director of Mass-Care