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The Lively Liver Levy

The Lively Liver Levy Boston Globe, January 23, 2007 Dan Wasserman (click here for Dan Wasserman’s editorial cartoons)

Mass-Care Releases Slide Show Presentation on New Mass. Health Reform Law, Individual Mandate, and History of State Reforms

Mass-Care today released a new slide show presentation reviewing the Massachusetts health reform law, explaining the key components of the legislation and putting them into historical context. The presentation answers questions about the politics that led to passage of the … Continue reading

Robert Kuttner to Speak at 9th Annual Ben Gill Fundraiser

Robert Kuttner to Speak at 9th Annual Ben Gill Fundraiser Join Mass-Care and the Universal Health Care Education Fund on MARCH 24 for: Robert Kuttner speaking on the future of health care reform Honoring single payer advocates Grace Ross and … Continue reading

Massachusetts Hospital CEOs Cash In

Click here for link to original blog post by Roy Poses, MD. From the Health Care Renewal blog. In Time to Heal, Kenneth Ludmerer traced the evolution, if that is the right word, of the academic medical center from a … Continue reading

Call Your Legislator Today for Single Payer!

On January 10, Representative Frank Hynes and Senator Steve Tolman will refile the Massachusetts Health Care Trust (S.755), which would bring single payer health care – first rate health coverage for all residents – to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Click … Continue reading

Don McCanne Quote of the Day: The shocking extent of underinsurance

Changes in Financial Burdens for Health Care: National Estimates for the Population Younger Than 65 Years, 1996 to 2003 Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) 2006;296:2712-2719. December 13, 2006 Jessica S. Banthin, PhD; Didem M. Bernard, PhD Context: Policymakers as … Continue reading

Don McCanne Quote of the Day: Public and private spending in Canada and the United States

Canadian Institute for Health Information December 5, 2006 Health care spending to reach $148 billion this year The public and private shares of total health care spending have remained fairly steady over the past decade. This year, the public share … Continue reading

Don McCanne Quote of the Day: Amerigroup’s marketing reps commended for excluding pregnant women

Chicago Tribune October 31, 2006 Jury finds HMO bias in signing patients Amerigroup shunned pregnant women, high-risk patients By Rudolph Bush A health maintenance organization hired by the government to provide coverage for the poor in Illinois will have to … Continue reading

Health Care Spending Growth Stays In High-Altitude Holding Pattern In 2005

Health Affairs: The Policy Journal of the Health Sphere For immediate release Tuesday, October 3, 2006 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time Contact: Christopher Fleming (301) 347-3944 Health Affairs Study Pegs 2005 Health Care Spending Growth At 7.4 Percent, Much Faster … Continue reading

Wisconsin Unions Endorse Single Payer Health Care

UHCEF Article of Interest ===================================================== Workday Minnesota (click here for link to original article) 3 October 2006 LA CROSSE, Wis. – The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO has become the 12th state labor federation to endorse legislation creating a national single payer … Continue reading