Benjamin Day

Mass-Care Releases Presentation on Implementation of Mass. Health Reform

Mass-Care today released a new presentation on the first two years’ implementation of the Massachusetts Health Reform law (known as Chapter 58). The slide show looks at public opinion of the law two years in, the costs of the law … Continue reading

Join Us for Lobby Day, Jan. 13!

Mass-Care is reintroducing an updated single payer bill to the legislature at 10AM on January 13.  Can you join us at the State House and ask your legislator to become a cosponsor? Or could you call in from home or … Continue reading

Vote YES On Health Care As a Human Right

On November 4th, Massachusetts residents in ten legislative districts will vote on the following ballot question: Shall the representative from this district be instructed (1) to support legislation that would establish health care as a human right regardless of age, … Continue reading

Mass-Care and JWJ Pamphlet: ‘Massachusetts Health Reform: Solution or Stopgap?’

Massachusetts health reform (known as “Chapter 58”) has been billed as a “model for the nation” and a “blueprint to universal coverage.” This rhetoric has generated expectations that Massachusetts residents of all incomes will be able to get affordable coverage. … Continue reading

In Health Care Reform, Massachusetts Shows How Not To Do It

UHCEF Article of Interest ===================================================== Sandy Eaton, RN Labor Notes (click here for original article) Massachusetts pays the most in the nation for its health care, and yet it’s plagued by an ongoing crisis of access, affordability, and quality. Although … Continue reading

The Price of RomneyCare

UHCEF Article of Interest ===================================================== Wall Street Journal Editorial (click here for original article) July 29, 3008 Gearing up for 2009, liberals are eager to claim Massachusetts as a Valhalla of health reform. Their enthusiasm is apparently evidence-proof. Even Mitt … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Dear Medicare!

Diana Stein Professor Emeritus, Mount Holyoke College Massachusetts League of Women Voters Amherst Health Care Committee Medicare, our own government health care system for those 65 and older was enacted in 1965 and signed into law by then President Lyndon … Continue reading

Healthcare for Vets – And All Others

UHCEF Article of Interest ===================================================== Rachel Nardin Boston Globe, Op-Ed (click here for link to original article) 11 November 2007 EVEN AS our government puts members of our armed services in harm’s way, it is failing to care for them … Continue reading

Host a ‘Sicko’ House Party!

Host a ‘Sicko’ House Party! On June 29, Michael Moore’s new film ‘Sicko’about the American Health Care System will be opening in theaters across the state. Moore’s film compares the disfunctional U.S. health care system, and those who lose their … Continue reading

Robert Kuttner to Speak at 9th Annual Ben Gill Fundraiser

Robert Kuttner to Speak at 9th Annual Ben Gill Fundraiser Click here to join Mass-Care and the Universal Health Care Education Fund on MARCH 24 for: Robert Kuttner speaking on the future of health care reform Honoring single payer advocates … Continue reading