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Mass-Care Endorses Dr. Don Berwick for Governor

Mass-Care Endorses Dr. Don Berwick for Governor

Candidate pledges to prioritize health care cost control if elected


Boston, MA – Today Mass-Care, the Commonwealth’s largest advocacy group devoted to single payer health care reform, announced its endorsement of Dr. Don Berwick for Governor.  “Rising health care costs are crippling the economy in Massachusetts, hurting families, and hindering clinicians,” said Ture Turnbull, Executive Director of Mass-Care.  “Dr. Berwick understands this, and I’m pleased to announce Mass-Care’s endorsement of his candidacy.”


“It is time to explore seriously the possibility of a single payer system in Massachusetts. The complexity of our health care payment system adds costs, uncertainties, and hassles for everyone – patients, families, doctors, and employers,” said Berwick.  “I will work with the Legislature to assemble a multi-stakeholder Single Payer Advisory Panel to investigate and report back within one year on whether and how Massachusetts should consider a single payer option.”


In his campaign, Berwick has consistently emphasized the need to address ballooning health care costs through coordinated care and prevention.  He says the existing fees-for-services system is inherently flawed.


“The current health care payment system pays most hospitals and doctors for volume rather than for results.  And, it is not sufficiently focused on the upstream prevention of disease,” Berwick said.  “Those high costs come right out of the wages of workers – in taxes, deductions, and out-of-pocket payments – and rob both government and families of opportunities to use their hard earned income for other important purposes.”


Mass-Care supports establishing a single payer health care system in Massachusetts as the most effective way to control costs. In a fast moving election cycle, it is very important to become involved now to support Dr. Berwick through the democratic process. As the Democratic State Convention is fast approaching on June 13 and 14, the time to act and become involved with your local caucus is now.


Spring Gala April 12, 2014

Dear Single Payer Supporter,

The annual fundraising gala for Mass-Care and the Universal Health Care Education Fund is coming up on Saturday, April 12st from 1 to 4:30 PM at the Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA. Please join us in recognizing our honorees, President Paul Toner and Julie Pinkham, RN, and Keynote speaker, Dr. Don Berwick. Please also consider taking out an ad in this year’s Program Book. We have enclosed a form that makes it quick and easy. You can also buy discounted tickets in advance for $30 per person by filling out the return card.

Mass-Care/UHCEF has benefitted from strong support of our union brothers and sisters for many years. This year we are honoring Julie Pinkham, RN who fights tirelessly for single payer reform to the broken healthcare system with her work as the executive director of the Massachusetts Nursing Association. President Paul Toner taught for eight years before becoming a key leader in the Massachusetts Teacher’s Association. His previous work as a middle school social studies teacher, lawyer, and president of the Cambridge Teacher’s Association gave him first-hand experience with the school system but also the workings of it. He has been an active supporter for Mass-Care and is wished the best in his future endeavors past the MTA.

Dr. Don Berwick will deliver the keynote speech on the effects and importance of a single-payer healthcare system. As a pediatrician, Dr. Berwick has been recognized for his leadership in healthcare reform and is a single payer expert. We are honored to have him as a speaker for Mass-Care. He is a professor emeritus at Harvard Medical School and the author of A Second Opinion: Rescuing America’s Health Care. He is a nationally known as the former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under President Barack Obama. In the current healthcare crisis that is happening throughout the country, it is great to have a local leader like Dr. Berwick fighting for a fair and just system.

Mass-Care needs your support for a busy year ahead. With the upcoming elections becoming visible in the near future, politicians are looking to get elected or remain in office. Mass-Care will be working to promote and support politicians looking to reform the current healthcare landscape and move towards a single payer system. The public’s support of candidates looking to change the current state of America’s health care would then support Mass-Care in our campaign for a nationwide single payer system. We are counting on you to help us by placing an ad in our Program book!

Thank you for your continuing support! We hope to see you on April 12th at the Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge for an inspiring and fun event!

Ture Turnbull
Executive Director

Dr. Patricia Downs Berger

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